About the Author


I am a teacher, daughter, student, dog-owner, mathematician, try-to-be chef, reader, counselor, mentor, and life-long learner. (I am sure I missed a few things here and there).

Although I am still new to the teaching game, I feel extremely blessed to have started my career in education when I did. We are at a time where the goal of a classroom is for the teacher to become obsolete. This is a weird statement. “My goal is for my students to not need me.” I have told my students every year that I will have done my job when they have taken it away from me. Students have a voice. Students have power. Students have the right and the privilege to lead the classrooms and to take a hands-on approach in their own learning.

I am not sure what I expect this blog to be exactly. Perhaps it will be a space for me to share how my goal of not being needed by my students is going. Maybe it will be a spot to share innovative things I have tried in the classroom that have been successful. More likely, maybe it will be a way to share innovative things that I have tried and failed miserably at. Either way, this is me. A young teacher trying to empower her students to take control of their learning and life-long learner eager to do whatever I can to be “obsolete” in the classroom.